主を恐れることは、知恵の初め ―聖書―

What does a "Miharinin(watchman)" do?

Two years ago, we began an activity called "Miharinin(Watchman)," which is now progressing rapidly.
クリスチャンへの警告 | ウォッチマン ジャパン (endtimewatchmanjapan.com)

It is truly a blessing from God that we, who are not pastors or evangelists, but ordinary Christians, are able to carry out activities like this.
Although we are not good with computers, we are grateful for the help in uploading the above website, requesting monthly "Watchmen emails" and "messages," and connecting with overseas Watchmen.
But at this point, you may be wondering, "What is a watchman?" So, once again, what is the function of "The Watchmen"? I wanted to put it together.


1. general watchman
Watchmen are sometimes mentioned in the Bible.

"David was sitting between the two gates. The watchman went up to the roof of the gate of the wall, and when he looked up, he saw a man running towards him. The watchman cried out, ``David! 2 Samuel 18:25,26

As the saying goes, a watchman is
① Look out from a high place such as the roof of the castle wall,
②When you find an enemy,
③It is the work of informing (warning) this to an ally (David).
In the Bible, a trumpet (shofar) is often used to give warnings, so whistles and trumpets are used as metaphors for warnings.
Even today, during wars or when protecting a building, security guards stand on alert.
In addition, when a tsunami danger is detected, it also sounds the tsunami warning to notify the people in the area.


2. The Watcher in Ezekiel 33
However, God has shown us that this is the work of the watchmen in Ezekiel chapter 33.
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman over the house of Israel; you shall hear the words of my mouth, and give them my warnings." Ezekiel 33:7
So, Ezekiel's watchman. it is,,,,
① Always look at the whole picture and keep an eye on the world situation and spiritual situation.
②When God teaches you about the enemy (when you hear the words)
③ Inform your allies (Christians). (Warning)
about it.
In particular, it is a special work to always look over the whole, not just one church or denomination.
Listen and pass on the words of warning from God, not the  warnings from leaders or the internet. In that sense, it is the work of prophecy. Ezekiel was a prophet. It's not just a "prophet," but like a pastor in general who speaks a message from God.
And the person to whom I give the warning is my ally, Israel. In other words, companions, brothers and sisters in the Lord, friends and acquaintances, etc. It is not the watchmen's job to fight against the enemy. Rather, you should act without the enemy noticing. In the above verse, the watchman also reported to his ally David.


3. What is the enemy?
So who is the enemy? Normally, it would be a war partner, an invading thief, a Philistine enemy of Israel, etc.
The enemy of the watchmen in Ezekiel 33 is Satan's gang and his schemes. In other words,,
He is a dangerous person who will drag you to hell if you get involved with him!
Demonic teachings, movements, leaders, organizations, etc.!
And many Christians think they are on the right path, but they are headed toward hell.
"Enter at the strait gate; for wide is the gate that leads to destruction, and wide is the road, and many are those who enter through it." Matthew 7:13
The enemy is desperately trying to take as many people as possible to hell.


4. For example, what kind of enemy is it?
・Catholicism Same as Christianity, unification with Protestantism has been progressing since around 2000. But if you look into its official doctrine, it retains quite a  terrible doctrine of the Reformation. The second of Moses' Ten Commandments was also deleted (!). モーセの十戒 - Wikipedia  I would like to write another blog about Catholicism, but here are the books I recommend. We must clearly recognize that Catholicism is not orthodox Christianity.
Amazon.co.jp: プロテスタントとカトリックの団結ですか? : クリス・モモセ: 本
・NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) A movement led by American Peter Wagner (author of The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit) and others. They are idolaters, false apostles, and false prophets who seek prosperity, evil desires, healing, miracles, and power over Christ. Be careful when it comes to the end of the world, as fake things tend to exaggerate signs and wonders.
“For a false messiah and a false prophet will appear and perform great signs and wonders, to deceive even the elect if possible.” Matthew 24:24
“The man of lawlessness shall appear through the work of Satan, and shall perform all false miracles and signs and wonders, and shall use all unrighteousness to deceive those who are perishing; because they would not love the truth that saves them.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10
・ecumenical movement
This is also happening on a global scale, with Catholicism playing a central role. In addition to unifying with Protestantism, we are also seeing the extraordinary nature of unification with other religions such as Buddhism and Islam.
教会への警告!!エキュメニカル運動*世界統一宗教 by Torben Søndergaard, The Last Reformation - YouTube
・Trinity of evangelical fakes
Actually, what I am most concerned about right now is the Protestant tradition, especially the evangelical tradition. I would like to summarize this again, but in Matthew 25, Jesus warns the church today that there are five foolish (unsaved) Christians.
There are many causes, but one of them is the false Trinity (Father, Son, and Bible).
教会で内住の聖霊が否定されてきた歴史 - 聖書の知恵 (hatenablog.com)
・Japanese culture (contrary to the Bible)
As I have been talking about in this blog, the atmosphere, common sense, and peer pressure that interfere with missionary work in Japan, which Isaiah Bendasan Shichihei Yamamoto called "Nihonkyo(Japanese religion)", are truly our enemies.
Recently, the ``Johnny's office incident'' is this Japanese religion! The atmosphere in Japan has tolerated the Johnny's incident and made him a hero. This is not someone else's problem!
BBCドキュメンタリー「J-POPの捕食者:秘められたスキャンダル」【日本語字幕つき】 - YouTube
The bigger problem is Japan's lack of sense of crisis. Even when various disasters, economic problems, and persecution occur overseas, they don't care at all. There is no sense of crisis.
Above all, every Christian somehow believes that he or she will go to heaven.
It is too naive! This is a serious  problem.
But how narrow is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life! Few people find it.
Matthew 7:14
・Others: LGBTQ, vaccinations, globalization, AI, poverty, economic issues, etc.


5. Let's get ready!
No matter how many warnings you hear, they are meaningless if they are not accompanied by action.
Get ready for the end time!
in our watchman ministry
We are thinking of holding disaster and evacuation seminars, economic seminars, persecution survival seminars, 666 Mark of the Beast seminars, counterfeit seminars, Holy Spirit seminars, real salvation seminars, etc.

Jesus also said this in his teaching about the end times in Matthew 24.
“Therefore be ye ready, for the Son of man will come at an unexpected hour. And who is this wise servant? Blessed is the servant whose master, when he returns, finds him doing as he has commanded him." Matthew 24:44-46